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La Casa del Tio is located at:
Cantarranas 47, Guanajuato, Mexico
Tel: +52 473 7339728

Full expanation:
Comming from the bus station: take a bus heading towards mercado Hidalgo (Hidalgo market) or centro (downtown), get off in mercado Hidalgo bus stop. From mercado Hidalgo (Juarez street) walk up hill towards plaza de La paz (la paz square, 10 min.). From plaza de la paz head to jardin union (union garden, sopeña street), you need to find the paralel street of sopeña, Cantarranas street, ask for teatro principal. From teatro pricipal looking towards the street take a left and walk 50 meters (1 min.), you'll find La Casa Del Tío in the right side of the street, cantarranas #47.

Take a bus to mercado Hidalgo. From mercado HIdalgo walk to plaza de la paz, cross jardin union and find teatro principal in cantarranas street, la casa del tio is 1 min. away.

A taxi ride would cost about $ 25 pesos (around US$2). Ask for Teatro principal or Cantarranas #47.
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